Roof Claims

Roof Claims

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Surefire Ways to Maximize Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims in Corpus Christi

When something happens to your roof, it’s definitely a huge headache. Any roof repairs or replacement is a huge financial commitment especially in Corpus Christi. Thankfully, many residential and roofing insurance companies help you should something happen through roof damage insurance claims.

Unfortunately, you can get roof insurance claim denied especially if you fail to answer the right insurance roof replacement questions. Furthermore, the age of roof and insurance plays a role in your payouts. True enough, there are ways on how to get a new roof free especially if you have roof damage insurance claim wind or roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to get the maximum payout your roof insurance can provide by knowing how to make roof damage insurance claims properly.

The Comprehensive Roof Damage Insurance Claims Guide

  1. Maximizing Roof Damage Insurance Claims (5 Steps)
  2. General Versus Roof-Specific Insurance
  3. Complete Payments from Roof Insurance
  4. Making Sure You Find the Best Contractor

How to Maximize Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Read Your Insurance Terms and Conditions

Before you contact your local Corpus Christi roofing contractor for roof inspections, you’ll need to know every single detail and benefit your insurance policy provides.

Read your policy and look for percentages and policy triggers. The latter are events when the insurance company will send an adjuster right after policyholders had reported the occurrence. Often, your insurance terms will describe the adjuster’s inspection process.

For example, they will most likely bring a roofing specialist to oversee inspections. Then, these specialists will provide the results determining the insurance company’s extent of responsibility. Lastly, the insurance adjuster will note the results and work with you regarding the payment dates for service rendition.

The terms and conditions additionally state whether you can work with third party contractors or have to use the insurance company’s accredited local contractors instead.

In some cases where strong winds or hurricanes destroy your roof, you can only use a disaster-specific insurance policy to get benefits as some insurers will revoke your damage claim.

Contact a Contractor for a Full Roof Inspection

True enough, roof damage insurance claims may limit you to using the insurance company’s appointed contractor. However, most roofing contractors will provide inspections and analysis free of charge. In fact, you can ask them if your insurance company accredits them in case you’re restricted to appointed roofers.

The local contractor can survey and paint the complete picture of damages your roof had sustained. Without any bias, they give you a comprehensive estimate of the possible repair or replacement costs, equipment needed, and labor time required to accomplish the task completely.

Often, local contractors have the complete trust of neighborhoods and cities, which make them excellent candidates for transparent roof inspections beneficial for your property.

Your insurer may appoint a roofing contractor or you can choose who to work with. The details are often in your terms and conditions.


Allow Them To Represent You Against Your Insurer

If the insurance terms and conditions gives you permission, you can have your third-party contractor represent you against your insurance adjuster for your roof damage insurance claims. True enough, homeowners must never contact insurance adjusters directly. Professional representation — as with the legal system — is important simply because they know the concepts, procedures, and solutions.

Insurance adjuster contractors will paint a picture of your roof. However, they can get biased and omit certain details in some cases in favor of insurance companies. True enough, all insurance-appointed contractors receive payment from insurance companies in the same manner — but having your own contractor helps you maintain transparency completely.

In addition, your local contractor can help you understand roofing and insurance terms especially during the results briefing.

Analyze Both Your Own and Their Contractor’s Inspection Results

Once both contractors have finished inspecting your roof, be present when they compare inspection data. Both analysis will show you the full birds-eye-view of your roof’s condition. True enough, insurance companies will only cover responsibilities described on your policy. However, they will leave some areas out of coverage, which means you’ll still need to address them on your own.

True enough, both contractors can agree on a composite inspection data to present to your adjuster. Once finished, the adjuster can finalize all areas of responsibility. Lastly, the contractors will list all relevant services needed and their accompanying expenses.

Finalize Service Date and Time

Once all details see agreement and finalization from all parties, you, the contractors, and the insurance adjuster will finalize the date and time of the service rendition and which contractor will service your roof.

Next, the insurance adjuster will brief you on the service checks you’ll receive. The contractor in charge of the work will provide details on submitting scheduled payments for their services and proof of payment.

At this point in your roof damage insurance claims, you’ll only need to relax and wait for contractors to finish servicing your roof until it is fully fixed.

General Versus Roof-Specific Insurance

If you have a general residential insurance policy, you can receive less insurance benefits. Your policy focuses on covering your entire property from your yard to the insides of your property. Therefore, your insurance provider may only provide a 20-30% cover for roof repairs and replacement needed once a qualified event triggers the policy.

On the other hand, roof-specific insurance only provides cover for your roof. Premium policies can provide a comprehensive benefit for roof repairs or replacements services. However, most roof insurers provide 100% coverage only for roofs below five years of age.

Subsequent benefits see coverage reduction. For example, once the roof reaches the age of 15, it only receives a 50% benefit and upon 30 years, only 20%. Fortunately, these proportions are helpful especially in today’s roof replacement costs homeowners need to work with.


Aging roofs do not qualify for new insurance coverage and often have reduced coverage from existing policies.

Is There Any Insurance Policy that Pays Completely?

Unfortunately, insurance policies pay complete 100% for brand-new installed roofs only. Roof age plays a huge role when it comes to benefits and coverage. Inevitably, this is fair for both sides because insurance companies will lose plenty if they provide complete coverage for roofs already vulnerable to said incidents of damage.

However, if your insurance policy does not state any clause that decreases your benefits as your roof ages, it is possible to claim complete insurance coverage. If the insurer denies your claim for complete coverage, the terms and conditions will help you contest it in a claims court. On the other hand, modern roofing insurers always make it a point to include the age thresholds in their policies.

Brand new roofs less than five or seven years of age often have 100% coverage from insurers.

How to Make Sure You Find The Right Insurance Claims Roofing Contractor

Roof damage insurance claims are just the first step to success. If you can get complete benefits through the help of a reliable local contractor, use them for your roofing needs too.

If you have yet to find the best roofing contractor to help you in Corpus Christi, you can rely on Galvan Builders in aiding your insurance claims and providing comprehensive roofing services. In addition, we have accreditations from multiple insurance providers in the area. Contact us today!


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